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We offer a comprehensive array of services customized to meet your needs. In addition to these services we also offer custom packages. Contact us for a free half-hour consultation and quote. 

 Grant Services

Grant services are one of our specialties. Since our launch, we have helped our clients net over $4,200,000 in grant funding! For every dollar invested in our services, we helped our clients secure more than $24.

  • Grants package 1: prospect research, grants calendar development and management, weekly consultation calls 24 projects a year: $24,000/year

  • Grants package 2: prospect research, grants calendar development and management, weekly consultation calls, and 30 projects a year: $30,000/year

  • Grants package 3: prospect research, grants calendar development and management, weekly consultation calls, and 36 projects a year: $36,000/year

  • One-off grants: Depends on scope and complexity. Rates are based on a sliding hourly scale of organizational budget. Sliding scale:

            • 2M and above $150-$100/hour

            • $500k and above: $100-$75/hour

            • $499,999-250k: $74-$56/hour

            • $249,999 and under: $44-$47/hour

    Strategic Planning

    Includes facilitating up to six stakeholder meetings, environmental scan including stakeholder interviews, monthly check-in calls, and write-up. A strategic planning process requires up to a one year commitment: $25,000

    Program Design

    Includes a needs assessment, logic model, theory of change, evidence-based practices research, ‘shovel ready’ implementation work plan development, and concept paper: $15,000

    Organizational Assessment

    Includes an assessment of programs, staffing patterns, board effectiveness, strategic planning alignment, mission/vision alignment, financial/accounting practices, and development structure. RIC will assess whether your organization using the best practices that fulfill your organization’s mission, vision, values, culture, and client needs. Includes bi-weekly checking calls, six organizational meetings, and a processes and infrastructure analysis included in a comprehensive final report with recommendations: $18,000

    Board Development

    Services include a comprehensive board assessment, analysis with recommendations, training, and infrastructure development. Includes two planning meetings, two training sessions, biweekly check-in calls, and a summary report: $12,000

    Concept Paper/Case Statement

    Packaging a program or organization into a boilerplate paper to be used for stakeholder presentation and in-house grant writing. Includes weekly development calls, writing/editing, and final paper: $4,800

    Facilitation and Training

    $2,500/day for two expert consultants. RIC provides facilitation and training on grant writing and strategy, program design, organizational assessment, program planning, developing an advocacy strategy, community engagement, and board and staff retreats.



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