Resurgens Impact Consulting

Activating potential for transformative social progress and healing

“Resurgens Impact Consulting completely transformed our understanding of funding and thus our capacity for social engagement and change at the Perimeter College of Georgia State University. Betty and Irene designed a program specifically for us and adapted each component specifically for our institution. This led us to specific funders for our unique departmental needs, how to create a program strategy for each objective and how to approach those funding sources, and how to develop those relationships into partnerships that will establish new programs to address the needs of our students in order to provide greater access to higher education and a greater chance of degree completion. From first contact through completion, Resurgens always focused on how to deliver the results we needed, even though this required considerable innovation and attention from them. They never settled for a pre-packaged service; they customized all services in order to assure us of the greatest possibility of success as we develop our social outreach programs. We give our highest recommendation to Resurgens Impact Consulting.”

Dr. Andy Rogers, Associate Chair, English Department


“I had a great experience with RIC. They are professional and punctual. Because of their hard work, we were able to receive the grant. In addition, they were very accommodating to my organization's issues and needs.”

Chama Ibrahim, Executive Director, Noor Family Services